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About us...


Amazones is a groundbreaking holistic haven for women around the world to get together, explore, learn, share, relax, train, play and love. 

7 acres of wild land covered in olive and fruit trees, native plants with views of Tavari, one of the most breathtaking authentic villages on
Lesvos island, Greece

We started out simply as a small group of women with a shared vision. Most of us have carried this vision close to our hearts for years. It is the idea that a space can exist for women by women, which combines together the holistic and ecological care of the land, the love of art and creation, self-expression and nurturing, and of course the love of women.  

When we shared the Amazones Eco Land vision with the world we were touched by the response and embrace of women all over the globe. This was not our vision alone. It is much bigger than us - it is an emerging collective vision of women in our present times.

Our mission is to create a homeland for women by women, to connect to mother earth and learn from her, to continuously support each other and create a resilient community, to develop and partner with empowering programs, and finally to spread the power of love. 

To learn more about us, head to our website by clicking the button below or get in touch directly at

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