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MISSION STATEMENT: "No woman will be left behind". You know, when you go to a party and you're sure that everyone in the room knows each other but you?  The feeling of being an outsider is painful and I am committed to creating an atmosphere of genuine inclusiveness where everyone actually feels welcome. 


Our members are warm and approachable, recognizing that we are all present for the same reasons - to meet new women and spend time with those we already know.  Many women are shy or introverts and some have social anxiety. We always make sure that our event hosts are prepared to greet, make introductions and minimize the potential awkwardness of being in a new group and new situation.  We have all had a first time...remember??


Underneath it all, CONNECTION is what really matters and that is what we are all about.

Your organizer, host & guide
Jody Potiker

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In my previous life, I was a chiropractor in San Francisco practicing alternative medicine for ten years. Since then, I trained in many disciplines such as Non-Violent Communication, hypnosis, breast thermography, Neurolinguistic Programming, mediation & conflict resolution, Reiki and Reconnection Healing. I was recently trained as a Conscious Girlfriend Coach as well and will add those new skills to my tool bag.  My main goal at this time of life is to continue offering both online and in-person events and in addition to focus on group travel. I will start hosting connection weekends at our home.  I envision these weekends as being a time to get to know one another in more intimate ways through honest and vulnerable sharing of our stories, wisdom and hearts combined with a whole lot of fun and relaxation! 

I live in Mission Viejo, CA with my girlfriend Melissa and two adorable puppies named Figgy and Olive (named after our trip to Greece) and Timmy the cat. I also have 10 wonderful god-kids and 21 lovely grand god-kids that add a special joy and depth to my life!

I am happily obsessed with playing pickleball, love boating, cooking and of course feeding people and experimenting in the kitchen!

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Check out some of our photos from 10 years of events


So Many Women...So Little Time!

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