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MISSION STATEMENT: No woman will be left out and feel on the outside. You know, when you go to a party and you're sure that everyone in the room knows each other but you.  The feeling of separateness is painful and committed to creating an atmosphere of genuine inclusiveness where everyone actually feels welcome. 


There are no cliques in this group meaning a group of friends are together and they are not open to including you. However, there are a bunch of women that have gotten to know each other over the years and love being together at events. See the difference? The idea is that if you come to events often enough, you too can walk in the room and be known, where people are happy to see you again.  


Many women are super shy and some have social anxiety. We always make sure that whoever our event host is, that they are prepared to greet, make introductions and ease the stress of being in a new group and new situation. New members are welcome to hang out with them until they are comfortable.  We have all had a first time...remember??


Underneath it all, CONNECTION is what really matters and that is what we are all about.

Your organizer, host & guide
Jody Potiker

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In my previous life, I was a chiropractor in San Francisco practicing alternative medicine for ten years. Since then, I trained in many disciplines such as Non-Violent Communication, hypnosis, breast thermography, Neurolinguistic Programming, hypnosis, mediation & conflict resolution, Reiki and Reconnection healing. I'm also thrilled to be in the middle of the Conscious Girlfriend Coach training and anticipate being able to offer my coaching services focused on intimacy, communication and conscious relationships. My main goal is to lead my own transformational classes, retreats & workshops to support women in living a life of intimate connection, love, fulfillment and happiness that they wouldn't trade with anyone! What could be better than that...

I live in Mission Viejo, CA with my beautiful girlfriend Melissa and two cats. I also have 8 wonderful god-kids and 19 lovely grand god-kids that add a special spice to life!

Check out some of our photos from 10 years of events


So Many Women...So Little Time!


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Welcome! So happy to have you with us!

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