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Join us on our Sacred Roots Journey to GREECE. Be one of us. Make lasting friends with our daily women's circles. Travel off the beaten path with our women loving women community and experience this timeless and exquisite culture

2024 Journeys:
June 1 - 13th  &  Aug. 31 - Sept. 20

Watch our ZOOM video about
our Sacred Roots Journey in June, 2024!
Meet Jody and Dimitra, your guides


Sue L, California

This trip was life changing. My father had just passed away and I wasn’t sure I could even manage it. But it turned out this trip was exactly what I needed. Dimitra’s expertise with the feminine aspects of the Greek culture took us on a deep dive into ourselves and Jody’s ability to navigate that deep space opened up worlds within all of us. I cried and laughed, and laughed some more. Truthfully I hadn’t laughed that much in decades. And to be held in a circle of women day after day was just the medicine I needed. Thank you Dimitra and Jody. I’m definitely going on your May 2024 trip!!

Lin G, Maine

This was an amazing trip, a chance to make deep friends along with experiencing an ancient and also vibrantly real culture. Dimitra is brilliant and outrageously knowledgeable but also utterly in the SPIRIT of Greece. She connected us to the soul of this place. Jody was on top of the formidable logistics of vans rentals, lodgings, and also the importance of us all continuing to connect as we went from strangers to friends. One of my best trips ever.
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Cynthia W, D.C.

“The Women’s Sacred Roots Retreat” exceeded my expectations.  Truly life changing!  Besides creating deep meaningful connections with the other women there, I learned about and tapped into various goddess energies.  I’m living my life on a whole different level now.
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Natalie Z, Israel

“Sacred Roots Retreat" was an incredible opportunity to meet women from all over the world in a close, connected, educational and adventurous setting.

Everything about the trip was well thought through and perfectly designed to support our needs and deepest experience, not to mention the life long lesbian friendships and couples that developed as a result of this trip.
With Jody and Dimitra as our guides, we were able to delve into our inner and outer landscapes with very skilled and knowledgeable guidance in mythology, archaeology, history, and human nature and relationships. 

Sacred Roots left a very deep imprint in my soul and looking forward to joining in again on the next trip in May, 2024.  Can’t get enough!

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