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                   2024 Trips to Greece
  • August 31-8th - Women's Sacred Roots (part 1)
  • Sept. 8-21st - International Women's Festival (part 2)
                 (Do part 1 alone or all or half of part 2)

                                                                     Women's Sacred Roots
Join our women loving women community while we travel back in time. Experience the timeless and exquisite culture and sacred sites of ancient Greece in a way that only expert guides like ours can offer. After all, how often do you have a chance to travel alongside an award winning archeologist? This is an adventurous, educational, fun and transformative experience. Make life long connections with one another and return to your lives refreshed and renewed.

                                        International Eressos Women's Festival, Lesvos, Greece
Journey together as a group to the authentic village of Skala Eressos, the home of Sappho, to mingle with women from all over the world for the 24th annual festival.  Your time will be filled with lots of wonderful performances, workshops and activities and so many women just waiting to meet you. Imagine destinations all over the world for you to visit those new friends in the future!

Join us for a truly unique experience of a lifetime!

Please take some time to watch our whimsical video and the most recent video recorded from our introduction meeting!

homeric meal.jpg

Travel back in time...

We will explore both modern & ancient gastronomy including  a visit to the Olive Oil Museum (June) & venturing into the Artemis Valley for a traditional "farmers picnic". There, Sappho and the other lesbians of her time gathered to enjoy the privacy of the valley, the beauty of nature and the exclusive company of other women, a bold move at the time...

As seen on the left, we will indulge in an authentic  "Homeric" meal, just as the famous poet did with Greek salads always featured on the table as well.

Dimitra's storytelling always helps to make these experiences COME ALIVE!

(Photo on the left is from our last trip)


Delight in Greek Cuisine

When the Greeks talk about "fresh", they mean FRESH!  The vegetables are traditionally picked from the organic gardens just hours before and the fish is fetched from the sea that very morning!

In addition, many villages are making their own cheeses, baked goods and wine, making it available to us on our visit to their family owned restaurants.


While at Sparta Gaia, we will host our very own wine tasting for those who enjoy a nice glass of vino. Of course, there is always Ouzo to taste for those who are curious about the famous Greek spirit.

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