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In her words...

Because of my interest Greece’s spirit and ecology I studied Archaeology at Ioannina University, Greece and in Germany.  I also hiked in the Greek mountains to explore the habitats of the wild flora.


Since then, I have achieved a post-doctoral research (post doc) at the British School of Archaeology in Athens. In 2006 I was honored with the prize of the Academy of Athens for my work that has been published in 2022.

Sharing ideas and working in groups always fascinated me. Conducting my PhD in Heritage Education (both environmental and cultural) I have learned how to develop programs that communicate ideas to students and adults through experiential work.  I realize that learning occurs at a deeper level when people are fully immersed in the experience.

As I age, I realize more and more the importance of the excavation into one’s own self so I persued studies in Somatic Psychotherapy. I have been working as a Health Education Advisor (in mental, social, body health) in Secondary Schools for 27 years.

Today, combining the knowledge from the three fields (archaeology, ecology and somatic psychotherapy) I lead experience-based workshops at archaeological sites and in nature for the international community. I aim to facilitate healing of the soul, women's empowerment and to share ideas from Greek philosophy that are relevant and helpful today.

I inherited an 18th century home from my family in the Sparta region of Greece. My joy of sharing life-experiences combined with my desire to restore and preserve an amazing piece of 18th c. architecture, I developed Sparta Gaia Retreat, a guesthouse that hosts travelers who seek off the beaten track experiences.

Writing has always been my life-long passion. Beyond publishing scientific papers in International Congresses, I have worked as a columnist in the National Herald (New York newspaper), written books, novels and scripts for documentaries and theatrical plays. In 2011, I was awarded a prize from "The Parthenon Marbles", an International Literary Competition.  My piece was called "The story of a theft of History".

Luckily enough, I balance the writer’s sitting habits with my passion for dancing and kinesiology. Based on my background from different yoga trainings and dancing schools, I have developed the "Ensomatografia method",a Greek Alphabet Statues Yoga routine.


Realizing in my later years that ecstatic dance in ancient Greece meant to get out of stagnancy and habitual life routines,  I try to find the courage to align with the fulfillment of not only my own desires but also those whom I have the opportunity to work with to align with theirs as well.

Dimitra Kamarinou

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