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Cost: $3,330 (10 days/nights)


For those of you that know me (Jody), you already realize that everything I do for our community has as it's main goal to connect with each other in meaningful and lasting ways.  Traveling in Greece is the thing we "do" but connection is our ultimate intention. When you return from most trips, you usually remember the places you went and the things you saw. This trip will be different, which is the exactly what happened on our first trip in September, 2022.  This experience will trigger the memories of the interactions you had and the lasting relationships you will form.  As soon as we all gather together, we will be introducing ourselves to one another in a meaningful way to create an atmosphere for connection both individually and as a group. 



Lesvos is not one of the most highly visited, well known Greek islands . The essence and goal of this trip is to experience this island as more of a local than a tourist and yes, that means some sightseeing. Our aim is to give you more of an authentic experience of Greek history and culture. This involves visiting sacred sites and places in nature as well as touching in with both old and more modern areas.  Together, we will explore culinary delights, adventure, play, laugh, dance, learn and connect with each other to deepen our sense of community and connection.   We will meet some of the local lesbian community when on the Isle of Lesvos that has made this island their home making this a one of kind experience for women loving women.



Upon arrival in Athens, we will be technically on our own or together at a hotel of our choice.  Dimitra will choose the hotel for the 24th so I would recommend that everyone book the 23rd at the same hotel. It will be located in an optimal area of town and moderately priced so we can easily visit both  the modern and ancient parts of Athens. I will provide that information to you as soon as I know it. Feel free to see if anyone wants to share while attending our zoom calls. 


On the 25th we will travel to Sparta and will stay at Dimitra's refurbished 18th century mansion called Sparta Gaia until the 29th.  








Amazones Eco-Land is located in the village of Mesotopos on 7 beautiful acres. It is just above and within walking distance to the town of Tavari, a settlement in the North Agean Region of Greece.  The view is breathtaking and the wonderful energy on the land is palpable. The organic garden will be growing as well and fresh vegetables will be provided. If you are disabled, we may be able to provide you with alternative option for housing.

Amazones is land that has not been fully developed so therefore has rocks, gentle hills and paths to walk on. We require you to be able to navigate the land. Of course, we'll be there to offer you a hand. You MUST wear closed toes shoes, not only for stability but also to keep thorns from migrating into your feel (I had to have one removed in the ER and it was no fun).  The upscale "glamping" tents are super cool, large, walk in types and you will be provided with comfy bedding, lighting and furniture. Please view the photo gallery if you want to see them.  You will access to bamboo showers with hot water and flushing toilets.









In addition to Ronit and our new retreat coordinator, Audrey, we will also be joined by several other women who are part of the vision of this beautiful lesbian community.

I know some of us want to contribute some time and energy to support the growth and development of this beautiful project, so while on Amazones land,  we will have the opportunity to work in the garden and/or participate in a group project. This activity was one of the highlights of our last trip because we worked with bamboo and built a canopy bed together.  Keep in mind, all activities are optional so if something doesn't interest you or you are not physically able, you can still be on the land, get a massage or go into town or stroll down to the beach which is right there.  

The Amazones land and community is geared toward a peaceful, healing, natural, spiritual, "Amazonian" kind of experience so many of the activities will be oriented with that in mind.

You will also be receiving a very special, handmade gift crafted just for the first few groups.



The registration form will ask you some questions about your interests. Some of our activities are already set but there may be an opportunities to modify. 



You will be responsible to get yourself to our hotel in Athens for the first night. We can try to coordinate but it is possible that you will have to do this on your own. We will try to assist with travel plans to join together whenever possible.  Transportation from the 24th on will be provided. You will be responsible to purchase you puddle jumper flight from Athens to Mytiline on the 29th @ 15:10. The current price is $60 each way but if purchased last minute will jump to $100 approximately.

If you are the kind of person that wants total independence, you can rent your own car on Lesvos. We work with a company called Billy's and the prices are reasonable. When we meet on zoom, we can discuss this further.


This trip may not be for everyone.  We will be together closely as a group for many days so if you choose to join us, please be willing to be flexible, active, have good communication skills and get along well with others.  Plans may change. Delays and shifting schedules may happen. "Greek time" is different than ours and we only have control over so much!  We are looking for women that can go with the flow and keep your focus on the journey instead of the destination so to speak.



Payment is due in full at this point.


Travelers Insurance is mandatory and will cover all of your travel costs. As we know all too well, anything can happen. If you choose not to purchase insurance, you are choosing to be personally responsible and understand no refunds will be issued after the dates listed above. The policy needs to cover your expenditures  for the entire trip including our portion of the trip expenses, airfare, and any other planned expenses. It must include medical coverage and repatriation in case of emergency.  You may want to check Travelex Insurance. Many companies require you to purchase within a certain amount of time from paying for your trip so please check carefully with your specific provider.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email, text or call me.

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