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We invite you to join the American contingency traveling to the Isle of Lesvos, Greece to attend the International Eressos Women's Festival!

Lesbian Getaways (So Many Women...So Little Time) is joining forces with
Diva Destinations of London for a international joint vacation experience...

 This annual festival in Skala Eressos, Greece has drawn women from all over the world for the past 20 years to enjoy playing in the sun and sea together in the quaint village of Skala Eressos on the island of Lesvos in Greece.
The festival takes places in various locations in the village and events are scattered throughout the week.  There is lots of fun and cameraderie to be had such as music, talent show, performances, dining, dancing, beach volleyball, parties, hikes, water sports, classes, group morning swims to Sappho rock and more!
Our group, consisting of us and our British counterparts from Diva Destinations will arrive three days before the start of the festival to enjoy connections with one another in a smaller scale, off the beaten path way. We will take a day trip to the small seaport village of Sigri to visit some ruins, one of the few petrified forests in the world, the museum and monastary and visit Amazones Eco-land, the lesbian owned retreat space. They will be hosting special classes and gatherings for us to enjoy while we learn about Greek culture and connect with the beautiful land and sea.. This includes tours of the local cheese making and bakery co-ops, organic gardens and ouzo factory. There will be cooking, art and dance classes and a hike to the sea as well.
You "boots on the ground" guides will either be Jen and Caron or Jen and me (Jody).

International Sappho Women's Festival Trip
September 6-21st, 2023

Jen and Caron.jpg

Hi, I'm Jen Grant - Founder & Managing Director of Diva Destinations, the UK and Europe's leading  ATOL bonded travel company specialising in hosted group holidays for LGBTQIA and non-binary women.

I have been in the travel industry for over 25 years, gaining a wealth of knowledge & experience in arranging and delivering unique, experiential group holidays for our community. We are delighted to also be Co-organisers and  travel partner of ALBW (Anne Lister Birthday Week) crafting bespoke group tours for the event.  
I enjoy personally hosting the majority of our holidays. It gives me the perfect opportunity to meet you in person!   The aim of all our trips is to "bring women together in a relaxed and friendly way and to enjoy an amazing holiday with lasting memories and new found friendships" It's through hosting our trips that we can continually strive to deliver the very best holiday experiences for you.





Hi, I'm Caron - Business Partner & Sales Manager 

I joined Diva Destinations in 2017.  Jen & I had worked together on some smaller projects but in the Spring of that year she approached me to ask if I would join the company and help develop and grow the business further.
I’ve always been a wanderer, travelling with strangers who become friends, experiencing the sights, sounds, culture and flavours of amazing destinations.   
As host, I thrive on bringing people together and enabling the intrepid traveller in all of us.​
​Contact me on 07773522943 

Contact Jennifer Grant: 07786304031
She's on What's APP!

Photos from our trip to the festival last year


That's Jen!

Trip Cost - $3,500 Max (Still being fine tuned)



  • Transportation

  • Accommodations at Aolian Village Resort (Double Occupancy - single available for  upcharge)

  • 2 buffet meals/day at hotel

  • Festival pass


  • Airfare to Lesvos

  • one or two meals/day (depending on plan)

  • Amazones workshops & transportation

  • alcohol

  • Day trip: extra activity entrance fees (museum etc)

  • Meals away from hotel

  • Water Sports

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